Open Hybrid


Raspberrry Pi or Raspberrry Pi Zero Experimental Installation

(Tutorial written by Mohammed Ibrahim and Kevin Ortman)


The following Guide is still in development. You can follow our discussions about it here:


You need:

  • Raspberrry Pi (Tested version: B+ 1.2, B 1.1, 2) or Raspberrry Pi Zero
  • Raspbian OS Wheezy or Jessie
  • Internet connection for the PI (For using the Vuforia portal)
  • The Pi and the Reality Editor need to be connected to the same local Network
  • Object Server Code


  1. Use NOOBS to install the base Raspian image.
  2. Update the system software.
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get upgrade -y
  3. Remove the default nodejs instance and replace it with v0.12 or higher.
    sudo apt-get remove nodejs
    curl -sLS | sudo bash
    sudo apt-get install -y node
  4. Get the latest OpenHybrid Object code and download dependencies
    git clone
    cd object
    npm install
  5. Run the OpenHybrid Object code
    node server.js

A this point, you should be able to navigate to port 8080 on your device and find the Object dashboard.