Open Hybrid


Windows: Make an Arduino Yun in to a Hybrid Object

(Tutorial written by Mohammed Ibrahim)


You need:

  • A new Arduino Yun with Firmware 1.4+
  • Micro SD Card with a minimum of 500mb
  • MicroSD to SD Card adapter
  • Personal Wifi Network. (If Services like Airplay work, Hybrid Objects should work).
  • Arduino Yun Image


  1. Get an SD card with minimum 4 gb size
  2. Download win32 disk imager from
  3. Install win32 disk imager on your pc
  4. Put your microSD card into an adapter/card reader and connect to your pc
  5. Wait for the card to be detected
  6. After the card has been detected, note the drive letter indicating your SD card
  7. Open the win32 disk imager
  8. Make sure the drive selected is the same as your SD card drive letter
  9. Browse to the folder where the hybrid object image is stored
  10. Change the file type from ".img" to the other option available ("all " option) to make the ".dmg" file visible
  11. Select the hybrid.dmg file and click open

    All previously stored data on the SD Card will be lost after the following step!!!!
  12. Now click the "write" button and wait for the process to finish
  13. Remove your SD card and insert into the yun and power it ON
  14. Connect to the yun from through the wifi named "arduinoxxxx.."
  15. Reset the yun from the configuration page opening arduino.local from your browser (default password :arduino)

  16. Now you need to add your hybrid object to your private local WIFI network.
    This can be done following this Arduino guide:
    Eventually make sure that your computer, iOS-Device and Arduino Yun are in the same private local Network.
    Cooperate Networks are not supported.



You can now start experimenting with the examples.